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Steel heads

The main products offered by our company are steel heads manufactured in accordance with PN and DIN standards, as well as embossing and punching services performed on presses. Thanks to our advanced knowledge of steel forming techniques – metal forming, we are able to provide our customers with a variety of steel components. These components are immediately ready for use in the assembly process.

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Our quality systems are backed up by numerous certificates. This gives you the assurance that the entire technical process of bottom end stamping remains at the highest level.

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We encourage you to contact our company! We are here to help you and answer any questions you may have about our products, services or order processing.

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Offer Our areas of interest


Steel bottom ends are the foundation of many structures and equipment, playing a key role in ensuring strength, tightness and corrosion resistance. Their versatility and adaptability to specific technical requirements make them indispensable in production processes, the storage of substances and the protection of the environment against potential hazards.


Pharmaceutical industry

In the pharmaceutical industry, steel bottom ends play a key role in providing the strength, tightness and corrosion resistance required in the production of medicines and other pharmaceutical products. Their use in tanks, reactors and other specialised equipment ensures the highest standards of hygiene and safety.


Petrochemical industry

Steel bottom ends play an irreplaceable role in the petrochemical industry, being key structural components in the design and construction of tanks and other industrial equipment. Their importance stems from their unique properties such as strength, tightness and corrosion resistance, which are essential for the safe storage and processing of a wide range of chemicals and fuels.


Cosmetics industry

In the cosmetics industry, steel bottom ends play an invaluable role in the production, storage and processing of ingredients and finished cosmetic products. Their use in tanks, mixers and reactors is critical due to the unique properties of steel, such as corrosion resistance, ease of cleaning and non-reactivity with a wide range of chemicals.


Food industry

Steel bottoms play a key role in the structures of many sectors of the food industry. They are used in a variety of tanks and machinery where properties such as high strength, air tightness and corrosion resistance are essential.



Our company is not only involved in the production of bottom ends, but we also support artists. Our range also includes tables made of bottom ends, unique sculptures and products with unconventional uses. These include a pendulum for a historical clock installed in the Clock Museum in Jędrzejów.

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We invite you to visit the News section of our website, where you will find information about the latest products and technological innovations used in our production process.

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