The manufacture of steel bottom ends is the process of forming flat steel plates into specific, often rounded or specially shaped bottoms for use in a variety of industrial tanks and vessels. The process begins with the selection of the correct grade of steel to meet the strength, corrosion resistance and other specific properties required for the application.

Steel heads

Steel heads ends are key structural components used in the construction of pressure and non-pressure vessels and industrial containers, providing strength, leak-tightness and corrosion resistance. Materials used: black plates and stainless steel sheets: S235JR+N, S355J2+N, P265GH+N, P355GH, P355NL2/NH, 1.4301, 1.4541, 1.4404, 1.4571 and others (only approved materials)

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Special steel heads

We manufacture customised bottom ends according to the customer’s specific requirements, adapting the bends and hole perforations according to the specifications and requirements provided. We also manufacture flat bottoms according to individual customer requirements.

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Metal forming is a key element in industrial production, allowing complex shapes to be mass-produced in steel with high precision and cost efficiency.

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