About the Company

ADAMUS Metalforming Sp. z o.o. is a family company with a long tradition (dating back to the 1970s).

In the first phase of its activity, ADAMUS was strongly connected with the construction market (production of steel structures, pipeline fittings, mining damage protecting components) and for a long time it specialised in the production of central heating boilers for solid fuels.

Speed of delivery

One of the main priorities of ADAMUS Metalforming Sp. z o.o. is to deliver the goods ordered by the recipient as quickly as possible. Maintaining optimal stock levels enables us to fulfil orders within 24 hours in most cases.

Market position

The products of ADAMUS Metalforming Sp. z o.o. and the speed of delivery are appreciated by over 400 customers in Poland and numerous foreign customers.

Our products are exported to Eastern markets (including Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine) and Poland’s accession to the European Union has facilitated logistic contacts with companies from Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Production profile of the plant

Our main product range includes steel bottoms manufactured according to PN and DIN standards, as well as embossing and punching services on presses. Our mastery of steel forming methods (metal forming in general) enables us to supply our customers with various types of steel components ready for assembly without further processing.

Materials used:

The quality of our products is confirmed by the following certificates:

Approval of the Office of Technical Inspection for the production of pressure equipment components including:

In response to the needs of our customers, we are constantly expanding our production range, with particular emphasis on bottoms according to DIN 28 011 and DIN 28 013.

We make all the tooling in-house.

We invite you to cooperate with us.

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